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The 6th session of China heavy machinery industry association and council at four times the member r

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       China heavy machinery industry association 4th member representative assembly and the council meeting of the six in 2015 was held in Beijing on May 12. Council unit representative, member representatives, branch secretary general and special representative of a total of 143 units, 183 people attended the meeting. Former vice-minister of ministry of machinery industry Changji Sun, MIIT Xiaobo Jing deputy director, and vice chairman of China machinery industry federation Xuetong Yang attended the meeting.

The conference is to implement the party's 18 third and fourth plenary session, the central economic work conference, the national "two sessions" spirit, the analysis of the situation, and summarize the work. In economic development under the new normal, advancing the heavy machinery industry "transformation and upgrading, two fusion, energy conservation and emissions reduction work". Arrange for a "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" planning work related to an important meeting. Firstly, by six council director comrade Jianhui Yang delivered a speech. In his speech, he analyzes the development situation, puts forward the goal and requirements of the work of association. Deputy director comrade Jing Li at the conference on behalf of the 6th council made “the new space makes the development of the industry in the new normal "of the work report. Report reviewed the first year since the heavy machinery industry development situation, analyzes the main characteristics of industry development in 2014, reviews the year industry around the "transformation and upgrading, two fusion, energy conservation and emissions reduction" development, continuous innovation, actively explore the change of the pattern of economic growth work achievements, and in 2015 the situation facing the industry, analyzed the favorable factors and unfavorable factors, under the new normal hit heavy machinery development space for the new views are put forward.


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