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Dalian heavy industry development the worlds largest 20000 ton bridge crane to enable completion

Trade news  加入时间:2015-06-27 18:06:01  热度:217   

      Dalian heavy industry crane group co., LTD., and Yantai raffles and Marine engineering co., LTD held the completion of 20000 tons of bridge crane start ceremony in Yantai.

Bridge crane of 20000 tons is the biggest and the most technically complicated large-scale lifting equipment in Dalian heavy industry and the world. This machine has the maximum weight of 20160 tons, main girder span of 125 meters, the lifting height of 113 meters, a total of 48 points, equipment complex structure, unique in the world, and challenging. Since equipment contract in July 2006, Dalian heavy industry, lifting group tissue engineering and technical personnel to carry out technical research, successively cracked lifting point lifting moment balance, sets of lifting mechanism synchronous control 18 core technologies such as subject, to overcome the many difficulties in the process of manufacture, the installment, the debugging and provide the high-quality goods project and satisfied service, from the contract, to design and manufacture, installation and debugging, until turnkey, in just 20 months time before and after. As a result, the device was named China enterprise new record important innovation projects.

Successful implementation of this project, will eventually change the offshore drilling platform construction of the traditional method, realize all the piecewise construction and installation of equipment on the ground, then a lifting, Marine engineering construction field of China and even the world will have a significant impact.


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