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In todays industrial machinery industry urgently high-skilled personnel training task

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"High-skilled talent shortage is the revitalization of be solved the problem of mechanical industry. The current China's machinery industry in the equipment level, independent research and development, innovation capacity and international competitiveness is still relatively weak, the overall level compared with the developed countries there is a certain gap, one of the reasons is the serious shortage of high-skilled talents."

Held on October 29, excellent skills of mechanical industry, the commendation meeting for the advanced collective of high-skilled talents construction, President of China machinery industry federation Yu Zhen, said the problems directly affect the enterprise's quality and level of scientific research innovation and mechanical equipment.

Nowadays, the cultivation of high-skilled talents has become an important component part of enterprise strategy. Reporters noted that outstanding high-skilled talents in the enterprise, all with good talent cultivation strategies and mechanisms. To some extent, the competition between enterprises has become a talent competition. Build a meet the enterprise needs of highly skilled personnel has become the industry an urgent task.

Vice chairman of China machinery industry federation Chengbing Jia to enterprise's personnel training requirements are put forward. He said, the enterprise as the main position of cultivating the high-skilled talents, should be combined with the production development and technical innovation needs for highly skilled personnel training plan, and incorporated into the overall planning of the development of the enterprise. At the same time, in accordance with the law should be set up and improve the system of staff training and incentive mechanism, make the institutionalization of high-skilled personnel training. Also note through technical innovation activities to promote the high skill talented person's raise.

Of the mechanical industry according to the China machinery industry federation "11th five-year plan" the revitalization of high-skilled talents construction plan, during the period of "11th five-year plan", the machinery industry will try to use five years or so, set up to intermediate technicians as the main body, as the backbone of senior skilled worker, technician, senior technician for high-level talents of skilled personnel


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