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China heavy machinery enterprises to internationalization

Trade news  加入时间:2015-06-27 12:12:36  热度:194   

Under the impact of the economic globalization, Chinese enterprises to seek greater development, must implement the international operation.

    Maybe different industries, different products, but a connection, the experience can be for reference. Actual effect, on behalf of the China machinery and equipment manufacturing capacity of heavy machinery industry, regardless of the market, product, or technology and the management idea, the internationalization trend gradually thick, internationalization, deeper.

    China heavy machinery industry association director Jianye Wang pointed out that enterprise internationalization is an inevitable trend. Must have experienced several stages in the process, the international cooperation is essential to the process. China heavy machinery industry development presents the two prominent features in recent years, the overall strength enhancement, obviously improve the innovation ability, product technology, manufacturing level has made great progress. The competition vitality of pacesetter enterprise, including CITIC greatly promote the development of the industry.

    The general manager Ren Qinxin of CITIC heavy machinery company thought, the key of enterprise internationalization is the concept. And technology level gap, funds and so on is not the main problem. 

    As a small batch, one-piece products, heavy machinery industry in China has the key to a traditional: what customers need, must be in accordance with the manufacturer's manufacturing capacity to meet the requirements. My standard is your demand.

New ruling after the general manager Ren Qinxin of CITIC heavy machinery put forward according to the needs of customers to provide services. Customers with Europe and the United States when required by the standards of products, must also be in accordance with the requirements to meet. Ren Qinxin  thought, Europe and the United States some companies use for nearly a century of history to maintain and carry out standard, ensures the high reputation of the enterprise, we should learn and abide by it.

   This is the starting point of enterprise internationalization and the beginning

   For international cooperation, Ren Qinxin’s view is that domestic enterprises should take advantage of the world's most advanced technology, improve their ability. For some companies worry about mergers and acquisitions, the leadership of CITIC heavy machinery doesn't seem to have too many concerns, and always maintain an active and confident

   Ren Qinxin thought, the enterprise internationalization has several processes: by boat out to sea, participate in the international division of labor; Multi-party cooperation, sharing of global resources; Standing on the shoulders of giants, realize the internationalization breakthrough.

   In the process, must stick to: adhere to the development of its main business, never drift with the current; Cooperation on the premise, insist on developing its own do a serious partners; All around the building and technical renovation investment form an irreplaceable advantages such a goal, to become a strong competitor.


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