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Company has national class A crane manufacturing enterprise qualification, production of various kinds of lifting, loading and unloading equipment, and steel 50000 tons, the existing 19 series products, more than 1000 specifications varieties. The main products are below 500 t electric double beam bridge crane; below 200 t general gantry crane; below 280 metallurgy casting hoist crane and the derived grab, insulation, magnet crane and explosion proof crane; rail line container gantry crane; 1000 t/h cement loading machine; 40-320 t/h material piling and taking machine; 5-40 t gantry crane; loading bridge; coal unloader; electric flat car lifting transportation machinery and ports such as mining equipment. Products are sold to 26 provinces across the country, and exported to Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia, countries such as Mexico and Sudan.


320/50t general purpose overhead crane
250/50t general purpose overhead crane
200/50t general purpose overhead crane


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